La Fin, et Le Début

Since our last post, I’ve managed to get a few key things done in my summer preparation before I leave for Paris.

Check here to keep tabs on my progress.

Obviously, things are in the process and will be completed as time passes. Other things require a bit more effort to complete.

Grades have been submitted, and once again, I earned straight A’s. I’m currently on track to graduate Magna Cum Laude if I keep my grades where they are, but there’s a chance I can make it to Summa Cum Laude before graduation. That would mean keeping top grades while abroad, which I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about…

Campus France is all done, and I’ve made my appointment to visit the consulate. I’m beginning to think I’ve come to the point of no return with my study abroad paperwork. It’s happening, and I need to face it. Hopefully with a smile.

I’m trying to focus more on critical things, like visiting doctors to make sure all of my paperwork and prescriptions are where they need to be, or getting a job so I have enough money to keep myself afloat. Of course, des choses “insignificantes” are on the table, but have been put on the back burner. Things like faire des achats and coloration are not even on my list. Perhaps they should be, but I should focus on keeping my wallet, my mother, my dog, and myself happy for now. I do have other things that aren’t set in stone that require money to worry about…

I really need a job.

L’ennui est entré dans le monde par la paresse. –La Bruyère

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