Rattraper le temps perdu…

Time to update the last update, oui? Things are going better, in a way! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been much more active on the blog, and I’m definitely enjoying it. For now, a lot of the more “helpful” posts as opposed to the journal ones (like this one) will end up being more about language. I figured it’s hard (and a little egotistical) to tell anyone how to “survive” in Paris/France when I haven’t done it before, and I’m not doing it at this very moment. As I do more research on other things (maybe the top 10 things I want to visit, etc), I’ll make more posts. For future reference, most of my “tip” posts will be Top Ten posts…

I’ve finished my “stint” in Physical Therapy, and my back pain has let up quite a bit. I’ve learned a few tricks to keep the pain at bay, and I’ve gone back to the gym with a new exercise plan. In other health news, I’ve had to order a new Medic Alert bracelet, mostly because the organization recommended that I engrave the call collect number because I’m traveling outside of the United States. The Toll Free number that’s always on the ID isn’t Toll Free when you aren’t calling in America. I’ve also been placed on an aspirin regimen for another problem. The funny thing with that one… I’ve had it all my life, but I’ve only known about it for a little while. I’m now in a mindset that if I forget my aspirin, or if I don’t move much in a day, I think I’m going to have issues. I’ve been told that there are things I can do to keep that condition at bay, like take double the usual aspirin dose when I fly, continue to not drink alcohol, don’t take up smoking, among other things.

Remember in the Coloration post about how I said I really didn’t want to go ombre with my hair color? Well… of all the things I was going to do with my hair… that’s what I did! The traditional idea of ombre is that the roots are the darkest part of the hair, and the hair gets progressively lighter as you go down toward the ends. When I visited my stylist and talked to her about the idea of ombre, she said she’d never done it before. Our idea involved trying to get around me going to another salon while I’m in Paris, and maybe even touching up the dye job myself with a demi-permanent box kit if I had to. So we did it backwards… kind of. The shade of color goes darker as you get toward the end of my hair, but the color “fades” to a dark cherry red. I almost get worried that the color has faded away when I work on it in the morning because I can’t tell the color difference in the mirror. My mom says you can see it in the sunlight, though!

Meanwhile, in the world of Noah…

Noah has officially finished his Canine Good Citizen course, and he passed the test! A week after that, we drove two and a half hours (one way) for him to take his Therapy Dog Certification Test… and he PASSED! He’s officially a Therapy Dog, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

This is the picture that’s going on his official TDI ID Card!

Meanwhile, in Guatemala…

Boyfriend reports that sidewalks in Xela are very narrow, and drivers aren’t exactly careful. While he was walking in town, he got clipped! It wasn’t exactly a hit and run, but a car hit him with one of its side mirrors. The host family he’s staying with has a handful of kids, which he’s… coping with. While he was doing his homework the other night, he said that one of the kids came into his room a total of six times just to say ¡Hola! and leave in the span of about two and a half hours. That was AFTER he started taking a tally. The kids fight and wrestle a lot, so he showed one of them how to do a type of wrist take down (I’m probably describing it wrong), and let them go at it. He’s also making some decent headway in breaking down the language barrier. One of the kid’s friends goes to a private school in the area, and is learning English. When the boyfriend started to try to talk to the family in Spanish and got stuck, he’d look at the family friend to help him fill in the blank. Even better, he took a Salsa dancing lesson (for free) and really enjoyed himself. He’s decided to take every other free class he has time for. Looks like we have a new hobby! I must say, I’m super excited! I have a couple married friends that swing dance, and I think it’s really cute, so maybe my boyfriend and I can go salsa dancing for a date every once in a while now. It’s definitely an idea!

Can I just say that I’m so proud of both of my boys, I can barely contain myself?!

Want to see anything special on the blog soon? Leave a comment and let me know!

Rien ne pèse tant que un secret. – La Fontaine

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