My favorite subject…

I was a little late getting out of the house this morning, but I made it to l’Institut on time for class, so that was fine. We talked about how students in America choose their focuses (because we’re interested, because our parents make us, etcetera), and about studying other languages in school.
Darn it all, we’re STILL working on subjunctive in Fabian’s class… Joan’s picking on me. When Fabian handed us the papers with more subjunctive, Joan nudged me and said “your favorite subject!” I think we’re getting toward the end of it, since this is much less conjugating it, and much more when you’re supposed to use it (along with when you’re supposed to use the future tense, the indicative tense, or the unconjugated verb). I was using my Bescherelle to get the proper conjugations, and I’ve yet to decide whether using it in class is a good thing or a bad thing. It definitely took me longer to complete the worksheet than anyone else in class, but I got all the conjugations right (I was really just double checking my answers). We had our little break, then had a debate in class with people we were sitting around. Fabian handed out two sheets of paper; one with key words and phrases (some that require subjunctive) to use to help express doubt, opinion, things like that, and another with topics. As soon as I realized what we were doing (when I read the paper), I said “Oh, non” under my breath, and Fabian laughed. Once he was done handing out the papers and he explained the exercise, I shook my head and exhaled to kind of get myself ready to begin. Fabian said “Désolé, Claire” right before we started since he saw me do that. Krystal and I partnered up and talked about censorship on televised news, online classes potentially replacing teachers, if military presence is a necessity, and if/why plastic surgery is/should be more widely accepted.

Kyle mentioned he’d seen a kebab (French equivalent/translation for gyros) place in Place Plumereau that sold sandwiches for only five euros, so he wanted to go there for lunch. I reminded him (and the rest of our group) that we needed to wait for Sandra and Suzannah since they’d waited for our classes to get out all last week before they went to lunch, so we did. The food was great! I had a plate of food that came with a salad that cost eight euros, including the soda (which by the way is made with sugar instead of corn syrup, and tasted much better than the American equivalent)!
Back to l’Institut to hang out for a while for some more WiFi use, then I headed home. It was such a nice day out, I figured I’d take advantage of it and take some pictures of the school and of things I see on my walk between Madame’s and l’Institut before I have to pack up and head to Paris. Oh wow. I have to go to Paris in a few days… That was a rude awakening…
This is a statue that we pass on the way to Place Plumereau.

This is a side of one of the school’s buildings that overlooks the garden.

This is the other side of the garden building.

Evil staircase I have to walk up every day…

Sign on a side of the garden wall.

I believe that this is a museum, or somewhere you can participate in a wine tasting. It’s near the river.

Statue of Décartes near the river.

Supposedly, Americans built this fountain (maybe even own it) after we helped rebuild part of Tours when it was destroyed after WWII.

View of the bridge over The Loire.

View of the Loire from the bridge.
Once I got back home, I wrote out a bunch of my post cards. I’ll probably need to go to the post office to buy some more stamps tomorrow… I’m trying to decide whether or not to give Fabian and Mme. Geai gifts, and if so, what to give them. It’d be really easy to give them each a can of Blue Diamond almonds, and I did bring two cans of flavored ones, but I planned on giving one of those to Anna since one happens to be Wasabi and Soy Sauce… I could give one almonds and the other a box of Jelly Bellies, but who would get what? I know I should give them at least thank you cards (since I brought some hand made ones with me), but I’m a little self conscious about what to put IN the cards since I’m scared I’m going to make a grammar error. Now I’m going between not giving them anything at all (neutral) to giving them a card with potentially bad grammar (very kind) to giving them potentially poorly written cards with gifts that hopefully neither of them are allergic to (above and beyond)… why does this have to be so hard?!
Dinner involved a tomato salad for entrée, white fish with a cream sauce and cauliflower for plat principal, cheese (with a couple new additions), and a nectarine for dessert. Madame asked if I’d heard anything about Noah actually sleeping in his niche, and I mentioned that my Mom had told me that he goes to my bedroom door whenever she tells him to go to bed, even though that’s not where his crate is. We talked about King’s Cake (and various Christian holidays that have food tied into them) a lot, and Madame brought out three of the little porcelain figures that she’s hidden in her cakes in the past. They’re hard to find in America (unless you live in Louisiana) so I was really jealous. I’ve made a King’s Cake before, and I used a pecan in place of the porcelain figure. I remember the cake being ungodly rich, it was impossible to have more than a sliver… I talked to the boyfriend again tonight. His entire phone plan doesn’t support international calling (unless the international person calls him), which is definitely a bad thing. Let’s hope that I have WiFi at my host family’s house in Paris, or both of us are going to go nuts. Madame had mentioned that she’d had one other American girl live with her before, but she’d only stayed for three days then asked to be placed with another family. I couldn’t understand why, but my money’s on the lack of WiFi. I’m coping with it because I knew I’d only be here for a couple weeks, and Madame is so sweet and her food is delicious (and she’s understanding of my dietary issues). I don’t think I’d go so far as to ask to be placed in another family if there’s no WiFi in Paris, but I may ask the family themselves if I can use the family computer (which I’m sure will have internet) to Skype my boyfriend. Madame offered that to me, I just didn’t feel comfortable with it, and besides, it was only for two weeks.
Time for bed. I keep trying to make myself go to bed earlier and earlier in the hopes that I’m not so tired during the day, but I think all of the walking I do keeps tiring me out no matter how much I sleep!
Les chiens aboient, la caravane passe.

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