Oh look, typical Parisian weather…

Despite the fact that it was still incredibly hot in the room last night, AND I still got eaten alive by more mosquitos (someone get me some Vitamin B12 stat… let’s hope I don’t need a prescription for it), I still slept better last night than I did the night before. Sheila and I got home at about midnight. I had an alarm set for 10, but I work up around eight, so I just… got up. I puttered around a bit and did my nails, and Sheila and I had breakfast together when she got up around 9:30. After breakfast, I headed off to Sweet Briar to meet with Joan so that I could go with her to the bank to make her account. This was my first adventure taking the metro all by myself, and I did just fine, despite all the rain. Yes, I did wear my paw-print rain boots today. I never will understand how French women think heels or sandals are appropriate footwear for rain. I don’t care if my rain boots scream “American.” My feet are dry, and that’s what matters.

By the time I got to Sweet Briar, Suzannah told me that Joan had left only five minutes before I got there, so we hung out until she got back. We got to talk with Ben (whose blog is absolutely hilarious, and you need to check it out) for a while, and he suggested that I wear my hair down a bit more, he thinks it looks better down. It was supposed to rain for most of the day (which it did), which was most of the reason behind my putting it up in a bun again today, but I plan on heeding his advice soon. Joan came back from the bank slightly confused, so she went up to Mme. Parnet’s office to figure out what kind of an account she’d been given, since the teller told her that she wouldn’t be able to deposit/exchange her traveler’s checks right away. She found out that she’d somehow been tricked into buying a life insurance policy! What a scam! I guess the teller figured that Joan was a foreigner and she could take Joan for quite a ride… Mme. Parnet is going to go to the bank with Joan on Friday to revoke the policy and sort things out.

My entire day was spent just hanging out in the Sweet Briar building. We were supposed to take a tour of the sixth arrondissement, but because it was raining, it was semi-cancelled. We got maps, and Moira (a Sweet Briar employee) explained what all of the marks on the map meant, and she took us to the Alliance Françiase cafeteria, and to an area with a lot of nearby shopping, then let us do our own thing. We happened to be right by a metro entrance, and Joan wanted to go home, so we entered. It wasn’t our usual metro line, but we did find a connection back to our usual one… it only took us about 20 minutes longer than usual to get home. After getting off at our usual stop, Joan saw an add for international calling cards in the window of a tabac and asked if we could go in and try to buy one since she got really home sick and broke down last night and our host mom suggested she buy a calling card and use the land line in the house after she talked to her. We had a little bit of a language barrier, but after we explained that we wanted to buy minutes for a phone and we said that it wasn’t for a cell phone, and the teller (and a very helpful man that was patiently waiting in line) asked if it was for a cabine, and it dawned on me that that meant “house phone.” The card (in reality, it was a receipt with numbers to call, and the PIN code on it) was only 7,50 euro, so I thought it wasn’t going to last long, but when Joan and I got home and used it, she talked to her mom (who reportedly started to bawl as soon as Joan said “hi, mom!”) for at least 20 minutes, and the end of the call said she had at least 200 left, which is an amazing deal.

Shortly after that, Sheila called me and had Joan and I meet up with her and Kyle to go to Carrefour to get some snacks. I didn’t buy anything, but I tagged along. We split with Kyle once he got to his turn off. When the rest of us got home, we snacked and I taught Sheila and Joan how to play ratslap (I’ve also heard it called Egyptian War), so we played that for a while. I Skyped the boyfriend after that was over. It’s good to see him and his dog every once in a while. I miss them both! Getting the “so when are you coming home?” question is always difficult… Madame got home a little later than usual, and apologized. It’s no big deal to us, really. Dinner was great! We had pork chops and rice with a really nice crème fraîche sauce, then Sheila’s favorite salad with balsamic vinaigrette, that delicious cheese from last night, and yogurt for dessert. Sheila and I talked a lot after dinner.

I have my Art History methodology class tomorrow, which is a bummer, because I’m going to miss out of the rest of the group going to the Eiffel Tower. They did say that they’d be going again (certainly more than once) later in the semester, but I’m still a little bummed… At least Suzannah gets to share my misery…

One ne change pas une équipe qui gagne.

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