Chocolate and Chinese

Madame had someone come and fix the busted kitchen light this morning. I tried sleeping through all of the banging, but there were apparently more electrical problems in the house than we had originally thought, so I got up and got dressed around nine. Good thing, the electrician fixed a connection that went through my room to an outlet that’s on the wall that my bed covers. Madame knocked on my door and asked to check to see if it works. It did. She said “Op Là” when she moved the bed, and I tried so hard not to laugh because it reminded me of Ben’s post (check Blogroll for link to his site) about how his host dad says that all the time. After the electrician and Madame left, Sheila and I had breakfast together, then we leisurely got ready and headed to Sweet Briar since we had nothing better to do.

After hanging out for a little while, I helped Ben add a Blogroll to his blog. We had to go up to the Sweet Briar area to do it, so I had to do it completely in French. No big deal. We managed just fine. After that, Joan, Sheila and I headed off to meet Stéphane at the Louvre. He said we could stop by a café that was really expensive, but had some amazing hot chocolate. We ended up taking a very long “scenic route…” I took a few pictures on the way…

We finally made it to Cafe Angelina and we all had a little something to drink, but we all had something different. The hot chocolate was definitely the most expensive thing on the menu, and Stéphane warned us it was like drinking straight melted chocolate, so I wanted to stay away from it. Joan ordered the hot white chocolate, Stéphane had the normal hot chocolate, Sheila had a café au lait, and I order Angelina’s signature tea blend. I tried both of the hot chocolates when they came by, and I actually liked Stéphane’s better (the normal hot chocolate), and I ended up finishing it for him after I’d had all of my tea, which was delicious. The hot chocolate was so rich, that it ended up making me a little sick to my stomach afterward since I hadn’t had anything to eat since “brunch.” I ended up having to take some anti-nausea medication as a result.

After that, we met up with Suzannah at the Tullerie Gardens nearby, and headed over to the Louvre. I took a few pictures on the way over.

Thalian Thursday Landshark Fail. I’ll put a better picture on my Flickr later…

Sweet Briar gave us student ID cards that said we were ALL Art History students, which meant we would ALL get free entry into the museums, but we were a little skeptical. We didn’t have to show them to get into the pyramid to enter the main area of the Louvre and the shopping center, but I had a picture I needed to recreate…

Anyone from People to People’s 2005 European Discovery trip remember me doing the same pose?!

Left to Right: Suzannah, Me, Sheila and Joan

After all this, we got into the museum with our student ID cards for free! They work! Because the museum was about to close, we just ran in to see the Mona Lisa, and ran out. I wasn’t feeling well because of the medication, lack of actual water, heat, and the fact that I hadn’t had anything very substantial to eat all day, so we went straight home after that.

We had expected to meet up with the rest of the group later on tonight to go to Stéphane’s hotel, pre-game (drink before going somewhere), and go to a hookah bar, so we had told Madame last night that we wouldn’t be having dinner with her. This is supposed to be how things work, as the host families are only supposed to provide us with six dinners per week. We rested for a little while (I needed to “recharge” enough to go back out to at least get food), and Madame came home while we were still in the house. Sheila ate some bread and Nutella in her room, but Joan and I still needed to get something. It would have been awkward if Joan and I left and didn’t take Sheila, and it might have been more awkward if we came back with stuff from Carrefour and then microwaved it while Madame was home, so we all left and opted to try the cheap Chinese place that’s near our metro stop. I had some sautéed beef over some rice, and it was really good. Joan had the equivalent to orange chicken (it’s called caramel chicken here), and since Sheila had eaten, she just had some fruit salad. Joan and I paid just over five euros for our food, and that was a steal. It was a good meal, and we were stuffed! We’re going to remember this place. We stopped by Carrefour and Joan and Sheila each bought a bottle of Beaujolais to take to Stéphane’s hotel for later. Sheila and I hid the bottles in our bags so Madame wouldn’t see them. By the time we got home, none of our friends had responded to our messages on Facebook (or had said they weren’t going to come out with us tonight), so our plans fell through. Sheila and I hid the bottles in our rooms so we’d have them for a later date, maybe tomorrow. Kyle eventually got online and said he was bored, so he came over and Sheila and I headed downstairs to sit outside and talk with him. We goofed around until about 1:30 AM, which was still a load of fun.

A l’oeuvre, on connaît l’artisan.

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