Slow down…

Getting in at three last night, and not being able to fall asleep until four definitely messes up your circadian rhythm. I’m no partier. Going out two nights in a row (even if I really didn’t drink all that much last night) is a bit much for me. Since classes start tomorrow, I think all of us are going to start toning it down a bit. Allow me to rephrase that, I HOPE we all start toning it down a bit… My Pillboxie alarm that reminds me to take my aspirin goes off at noon. It went off while I was still in bed. I rolled over and went back to sleep. I ended up getting out of bed at 1:30. I’m kind of pathetic. I got dressed and played around on the computer for a while, then had some yogurt as a snack (I guess you can’t really call it a meal when it’s at 2 PM), and I saw Joan. She got dressed and said she wanted to go find Paris III today.

We passed Carrefour in the hopes of getting something to eat for… I’m not going to make up a name for this meal, but food would have been a good idea by this point. I wasn’t exactly hungry, and I’d just had that yogurt. Carrefour closes on Sundays at 1 PM, but as we continued down toward our usual metro stop, we saw that Marché Franprix (another supermarket similar to Carrefour) was open, so we stopped in. Joan bought a sandwich and some candied peanuts, I bought some pineapple and a pair of bananas for us to split.

Getting to Paris III (the metro part of it, anyway) is relatively simple. It’ll take us about the same amount of time as it does for us to get to Sweet Briar. I’m hoping to avoid ever having to go from Sweet Briar to Paris III or vise versa, because that involves taking a bus (or walking, I guess), and as I said in yesterday’s posts, I’m trying to avoid buses at all cost, even day-time ones. We got a little turned around with how to get to the university building from the metro exit, so we found a park nearby and sat down and had our picnic. Soon enough, we found Paris III. The area where the building is isn’t so bad, but the building itself is super sketchy… On the bright side, there’s a very reasonably priced sushi place right across the street from it, as well as another Franprix, a book store, and a couple cafés. Both of us were still very tired from this weekend’s festivities, so we headed back home after this. Sheila came home right after we did, she and Kyle had the same idea, so they went exploring Paris VII since their classes start tomorrow.

Dinner was really delicious. We had veal with an onion sauce, broiled potatoes, salad, and three different cheeses. We even had REAL FRUIT (cantaloupe, to be precise) for dessert! Madame got us talking about politics, which I was a little surprised about. She asked who we preferred, Romney or Obama, so that got us going. I brought up healthcare, since that was kind of the main debate that everyone’s using to compare the candidates, and how that’s a big issue for me with all of my health problems, and I mentioned that I prefer how France’s health system operates compared to America’s current system. I definitely felt like I talked a lot at dinner, so that was a good thing. This is twice in one weekend I’ve talked about politics… in French… I hope this doesn’t become a trend… At least I know I have the vocabulary to do it…

I am in so much pain. I’m sure it’s from all the walking we’ve been doing lately, but my legs are absolutely killing me. Wearing heels for half the day yesterday was really, really stupid. My feet hurt from that, and I think that’s the reason why my legs hurt too, but I can’t be too sure. Who needs a work out regimen when you could just live in Paris for four months? I take that back… in part. I need to do something about my arms. Maybe I’ll start walking on my hands to give my legs a break… According to Joan, Madame has a scale in the house, so I’ll probably use in the next couple days or so to see if I’ve lost or gained any weight. I’ve noticed a lot of my clothes are looser (and I managed to leave my pants belt at home), but I’m willing to bet that I’ve actually gained weight since I’ve gained so much muscle in my legs.

It’s not even 10 PM here, and I’m going to bed. I’ve been awake for a little over eight hours. Going out all weekend is not good for me. Grandma Claire has learned her lesson. I’m going to go take my teeth out and put my curlers in. Bonne nuit.

Il n’y a qu’un bonheur dans la vie, c’est d’aimer et d’être aimé. -George Sand.

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