Picture of Dorian Gray

Grandma Claire is having a rough time. She set and reset her alarm three times during the course of the night/morning. It was a little warmer last night, so it was harder for me to sleep, and I believe the garbage got picked up this morning, so the noise woke me up. I had so much trouble trying to get back to sleep, I took a sleeping pill, so when my alarm went off at eight, I was no where near ready to get up, so I reset it for nine, woke up at 8:40, knew I wanted to sleep more, and reset it for ten, then decided I had to get up. I got dressed, and set the table for breakfast. I woke Sheila and Joan up at 11 so we could all eat together, so we did that, and they got ready for their classes. Sheila had her first class at Paris VII today, Joan had her first class at Sweet Briar. My classes don’t start until tomorrow, I’m just tagging along to get out of the house. I’d planned on trying to find the health food store by the Sweet Briar building to pick up some gluten-free goodies.

I weighed myself this morning, and was shocked at the number. I have yet to decide if I’m happy or unhappy with it. Before I disclose it here, I’ll give you a little personal background about how I feel about my weight. I’m curvy, but not “fat” by any means. Because of my curves, I don’t look good if I dip down around 110 pounds. How do I know? I’ve been THAT sick recently. Doctors have flat out told me I looked gaunt and unhealthy, and the number written on the chart the day that particular note was made was 112. That was about a week after being released from the hospital, post-op. In July, I was about 127, which I wasn’t happy about, but my doctor was. He told me I looked very healthy. After doing some research, I managed to figure out that a healthy weight range for me would be between about 118-130. I decided I’d be happy with 127 (at that particular time) if I knew it was muscle weight, but it wasn’t then. Back to today. I took the number on the scale, and ran it through an online kilo to pound converter. The Verdict: 115 pounds. I officially have no more weight to lose (not that I ever had any intention of trying). I know that a medication I started in July has a side effect that takes away my hunger pangs, so that has something to do with this. I’m sure the smaller portion sizes and the longer meal times are another factor, all the walking we do would be another. I need to watch what I eat more than ever, but not how you might think- I need to start loading up on protein as much as possible to gain some of the weight back, but all the protein should help me gain MUSCLE weight as opposed to just “weight” weight. Whoever said you gain weight when you study abroad clearly was not a Celiac studying in France…

We all headed out of the house together at two, and split at Saint Lazare to go to different lines on the metro. Joan and I went to Sweet Briar, Sheila went to Paris VII. When Joan and I got up to Sweet Briar, I noticed that the hours for theatre classes at Paris III had been posted, so I figured now would be a good time to get my schedule set in stone. After some chatting with Mme. Grée, I managed to figure out that I didn’t need to move my Atelier d’Écriture class around at all, and I could plug the two theatre classes that I wanted into my schedule very easily. Once classes at Paris III start up on October 1st, my weekly schedule will look like this:

Monday: Initiation au jeu théâtral (Paris III: rue de Paradis) 2 PM – 5 PM

Tuesday: Atelier d’Écriture (Sweet Briar) 3 PM – 4:30 PM

Wednesday: Ateliers de Practique Diversifiés (Paris III: rue Censier) 9 AM – 1 PM

Thursday: Théâtre Mise en Scene (Sweet Briar) 9:30 AM – 12 PM; Atelier d’Écriture (Sweet Briar) 1:30 PM – 3 PM

Friday: No Class

I think I’m happy. I have that literature class on the books in case I go to one of my Paris III classes and have a panic attack like Kyle did (the professor didn’t write a single thing down, and he thought the class was a bit over his head) and need to drop a class to take another one. After that, Rouge and I walked around to try to find that gluten-free store with no luck. I’m going to have to do some serious Google searching to try to find it. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow morning before class… Joan needed to go to Fnac (think Best Buy + Borders put together) to buy some school supplies, so Kyle, Rouge and I went with her, then we stopped by H&M. I needed to get a couple more pairs of socks to wear with my flats, and a pair of tights. The check out counter on that floor was crowded, so I went down a floor, and saw that the heavy winter coats were less than 40 euro, so I picked one up. So far, my shoe size and my top size (if coats and shirts can be sized the same way) are the same thing, so this is easy… We stopped by a boulangerie because most of us wanted a snack, and I bought my first macaron. I didn’t bother asking if it was gluten-free, since they pretty much always are. Rouge bought a goat cheese quiche, and Joan bought another delicious looking pastry that none of us really knew how to describe.

Clockwise from left: Joan’s chocolate pastry, Rouge’s quiche, and my macaron.

After that, we all headed home. Joan and I stopped by Carrefour once we got off the metro, she bought some fruit and snacks to tide her over for a few days, and I picked up a package of par-cooked gluten-free croissants. There were six in the package for less than 5 euros, so if they’re any good, I think this’ll be a good buy for breakfast… and hopefully it’ll be a bit more fattening than the galettes du riz. We got home, and I showed Madame the croissants, and she said she’d cook them for me, and that she hadn’t seen them at Carrefour before. I told her I had to go looking for them, they were in an aisle down by the floor, so it was a little tricky.

Dinner was really good! Madame made a tomato and mozzarella salad for entrée, roasted chicken and these adorable potato purée nugget things for plat principal, we forgot to have the cheese, then we had applesauce for dessert. She showed me how to use the oven, and I figure I’ll make a croissant every morning I want one since they only take 10 minutes to bake. They’ll taste better fresh out of the oven anyway. I got to Skype the boyfriend and my mom for a few minutes after dinner tonight, so that was really nice. I’m hoping I’ll get to talk to them more tomorrow as well.

I have my first class at Sweet Briar tomorrow, and as my schedule states, that’s Atelier d’Écriture. There are four different groups for this one, and most of my friends have taken it already. They said it’s really amazing, and the professor is wonderful, so I’m looking forward to it. I don’t have it until three, Sheila doesn’t have class until one, but Joan has class at 11, so we’re all getting up to have breakfast together at 9:30. I think Sheila and I will be eating in our pajamas then getting ready later, but Joan will be leaving right after she eats. I do like having breakfast together, though. It’s always nice to touch base before everyone leaves for the day. Watch out, Mom. I might do this to you when I’m home for all of a week before I move back to Southern California to go back to school. No more snooze button and pastry to-go for you!

Les hommes ne croient jamias les autres capables de ce qu’ils ne le sont pas eux-mêmes. –De Gondi

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