One month down…

I got up around 11 today, and even though Sheila stayed in last night, she got up at the same time I did. We had our breakfast, and I told her all about the party. Madame had evidently left the house, since she came home while we were still eating. About the time Sheila and I were done with breakfast and clearing the table, Madame’s friend from last night came into the kitchen… Thank you for letting us know that we had a guest in the house, Madame. Thank god I had the foresight to put a bra on before I left my room this morning… Again, Madame did not introduce us. The woman gave us her name, however. She was looking for a mug for her tea, so I got one down for her since I was on that side of the kitchen.

After all of the activities of the weekend, I really didn’t feel like leaving the house today. I’ve got to read L’École de Femmes before Thursday (even though I won’t be in class since I’ve got registration), I had a lot of catching up to do here, and I was just too darn tired to do anything else. I spent the day on the computer for the most part. Alexandre was talking to me for most of the day between texts and Facebook, and I’m pretty sure I crashed Google Translate a couple times. I was able to keep up with the French for the most part, but I’d get stuck on a few things, so having it handy is helpful. Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary today. Chatting on Facebook is really beneficial, since it forces you to not only practice your speaking vocabulary, but your spelling too. Oh là, chatting in French all day is really giving me a headache, though… Madame was cooking some curry in the kitchen during the day, the whole house smelled delicious. I’ve figured out that she’ll cook some things ahead of time and save them for later, so I’m hoping we’ll have that curry sometime soon.

Dinner was… not curry. We had the two types of cured ham, the garlic-topped tomatoes, and some pasta. Madame broke out ICE CREAM for dessert. It was seriously the best ice cream I’ve ever had, and it was from Picard. It said vanille on the package, but it was so much better than just vanilla. It had caramel through it with almonds, and I’m pretty sure there were chocolate chips in it too. Freaking delicious. Sheila got to have these really cool crêpe wafers with her ice cream, but they definitely had gluten in them, so I had to pass. Madame noticed that I’d eaten the gluten-free cheesecake when I came home last night, and asked if it was because I was hungry. I said that was part of the reason, but it was mainly because I had to take some medication to prevent my headaches before I go to bed, and I couldn’t take them on an empty stomach. She also said we’re having the curry tomorrow night! To quote the nonsense that was going on with my friends tonight… SUCCESS KID. For those of you that don’t understand… it’s an internet meme. Just go here and have a look around. You’ll figure it out…

Since I’ve managed to keep forgetting… here are pictures of what my room looks like…

My bed and bedside table…

The chair, armoire, and the window/door to the “sun room…”

Bookshelf and desk…

The pointy thing in the middle of the picture is the Eiffel Tower, and you can see that from the window!

Le monde, chère Agnès, est une étrange chose. -Molière: L’École des Femmes

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