Bah humbug…

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. With the way the weather is right now, the wind is strong enough to batter my door/window to all hell, so I have to shut it when I go to bed. I was a little too hot last night, and on top of all that, some kind of construction started up promptly at 10 AM… and it sounded like it was in our house… That wasn’t possible simply because if there really was something banging, drilling, and screwing away in our living room, Madame would have been home, and she wasn’t. Sheila and I got up and had our breakfast despite ourselves, then got ready to go to Sweet Briar for our classes. I made myself another odd sandwich for lunch since there was still some gluten-free bread left, and I feel like pinching some pennies. Yesterday’s sandwich was potato and cheese. Today’s was cheese… and curry sauce. I’m silently really glad Madame hasn’t been home to see me make these sandwiches, not because I don’t want her to know I’m taking lunches, but because I don’t want her to see what I’m putting together. Considering her reaction to ratatouille + gluten-free pasta + chicken was “you have an interesting sense of taste,” I shudder to think what she’d do if she knew I willingly put gluten-free bread, cheese, and curry together…

We got to Sweet Briar just fine, but not without a little bit of a metro incident… A man came onto the train while I was sitting on a strapontin (folding metro seat) with a suitcase, and moved to sit in the seat next to me. I needed to scoot over a little bit, so he said “excuse me” to me. NOT “pardon” but “excuse me.” Huh? How in the world did he know to say “excuse me?” After a few moments, it dawned on me. Thank you for giving my nationality away, rain boots. If having wet feet is a French thing, I guess I can never truly be French… Once we actually made it to Sweet Briar, I went out onto the balcony to eat my sandwich, which was delicious on levels that cannot adequately be described with actual words that are in my vocabulary, which is really saying something since I’m fluent in two languages. The wind was making the door out to the balcony go nuts, so I ended up getting locked outside, and I had to knock on the door to be let back inside… no big deal. I made a very entertaining face to express my disdain when I figured out what had transpired. Suzannah found it amusing. I’m just glad someone thinks I’m funny… I read quite a bit of L’École des Femmes before class started.

Now that the first week of class is over, and we’re into the second week, Mme. Mellado is having us get into “the swing of things” for our Atelier d’Écriture class. All we had to do today was write a page and a half long composition on one of two topics: should we restrict what types of TV children watch, or do you admire someone, if so, who and why? I chose the second topic, and I wrote about Anne Hathaway. As an actor, it’s kind of inspiring that the woman cut off her own hair on camera when she played Fantine for the film version of Les Miserables that’s coming out on Christmas Day this year (looks like I know what movie I’m seeing on my birthday). Her director said they’d do it with a wig, but no, Anne said she wanted to do it with her real hair because that’s… real. It’s one thing for an actor to lose or gain weight for a role, or to dye his or her hair, but to cut it all off is a big deal. She gets major points in my book just because I’m not sure if I’d be able to do the same thing if I were in her shoes.

As I was leaving the classroom after finishing my essay, the rest of my little group of friends were heading off to an absentee voter registration event… thing. I left Sweet Briar with them, but I opted to not go to the event because I was really tired, and because I’ve already registered as an absentee voter back home. My ballot will show up in the mail at home, and my mom is supposed to mail it to me here, then I fill it out and mail it back home. We thought it would be the simplest thing to do, I wouldn’t have to deal with registering while I’m abroad, and remaining an absentee voter while I’m back home is never a bad thing to do. I stopped by an ATM, got some cash, went down into the metro, charged up my Navigo for October so I don’t have to worry about it later, and went home. No construction noises could be heard when I went into the house… so I decided I’d take a nap. The second my head hits the pillow… construction noises. I tried to nap for about 20 minutes, and I gave up. I took a shower, put my hair in mini buns in an attempt to curl it for a change of pace, and got on Facebook. Rouge shot me a message.

“You missed out.”
“On the voting thing?”
“Yeah. We got interviewed by a French newscaster.”
putain de merde. She goes on to say that not only did she and the entire group that went get interviewed by this French newscaster… in French… but they all have their ballots in hand, and apparently, we’re supposed to send our ballots back to America by October 6th. I could honestly care less about the fact that I’m not going to be on French TV tomorrow night (I’m still very happy for my friends, and I plan on watching them assuming the clip will be online, it’s channel 15 for everyone that’s in France), but I’m now incredibly worried that I’m going to miss out on voting in my first presidential election since I’ve been of age, and some of the issues being tossed around affect me directly. Perhaps my single vote won’t count for much, but I’m definitely from the camp of “if you didn’t vote, don’t complain.” Let’s hope California doesn’t sit on the absentee ballots for too long… I better look up the issues and how I plan to vote ahead of time so filling out the ballot itself doesn’t take too long (or much thought).
Dinner was really good, as usual. We had a ham omelette, sautéed carrots and onions, rice, a piece of cheese, and applesauce. Madame talked about how being a doctor is really hard in France, if you fail your end-of-the-year exams after your first year twice, that’s it, you choose a different profession. I find that really interesting… I headed back into my room after dinner to fight back the urge to chuck my iPod out of the fourth (technically fifth if you count the rez-de-chaussé as the first floor) window. I updated my iPod to the iOS 6 operating system this morning, not that there’s anything wrong with that exactly, but I’ve started using iTunes Match, which requires iCloud, which requires a halfway-decent WiFi connection to work… which I currently don’t have… so updating to the new operating system meant essentially losing all of my music and having to re-download it through a WiFi connection… which means I have all of 20 songs out of the nearly 5000 that are on my computer… vie de merde… I’m hoping that queuing everything before I go to bed and letting it all download while I sleep will suffice… which is fine… I think…
I kind of had a “whatever” day… I’m getting up early tomorrow to catch an early breakfast with Sheila before she heads off to her 8:30 AM class. I’ll probably go back to bed after breakfast, but I do have a few things I should work on tomorrow before I leave, like read more of L’École des Femmes, and shoot Mme. Remion an email to let her know how things have been since I’ve left Tours. I feel a little guilty that it’s taken me this long to let her know how I’ve been… I need to figure out when I’m going to visit her… I’m thinking November will be a good time to go…
On ne meurt qu’une fois; et c’est pour si longtemps! -Molière: Le Dépit Amoureux.

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