Watch me stumble…

The world and I seem to be turning in directions that don’t correspond. For some bizarre reason. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. As it was, I needed to get up at 6:55 to catch breakfast with Sheila. Thankfully, I was able “nap” until my alarm went off. Sheila and I had breakfast by the tiny over-stove light in the kitchen that Madame had turned on since she was still puttering around. She told me I was up early. Even Sheila said I was. She’d heard my alarm go off, and was surprised to come out to the kitchen at seven to see the table set. Score one for the morning person… I went back to bed after Sheila left for class… but the construction started earlier than it did yesterday… vie de merde… I gave up trying to take another “nap” at about 10 AM, half an hour before my alarm was set to go off. Despite all of this, at least something managed to turn out right this morning… After I’d showered last night, I put my wet hair into two pin-curls at the base of my neck in an attempt to curl my hair. Who needs curlers when you have… bobby pins?! After I got dressed and took out the pins (and killed my hair with hairspray), the curling method worked! It took me a while to get my hair up into a jovial ponytail, but I managed. I wanted to look presentable, but fun-loving for my interview later tonight. Since it was already 11:30, I figured I’d go ahead and cook that ramen I’d bought from Helmut Newcake for lunch and have it at home instead of making another sandwich. I’m starting to run low on gluten-free bread, anyway. It wasn’t the best texture, but it still tasted pretty good… As I was about to leave the house, I picked up my phone, and got some less than stellar news…

The mother that was seeking a young woman to tutor her daughters in English had found a better candidate yesterday, and had sent me a text message to cancel my interview. When I’d called her on Monday, she’d given me the option to have my interview with her on Tuesday, and I guess I should have taken it… someone else had called to inquire about the position, so they had their interview yesterday. That candidate is a year long student, so the mother hired her on the spot… Frankly, I can’t blame her. It’s really hard to find someone in January. This was the best thing she could have done for her family. I responded to her text message to say that I was happy she’d found someone to fill the position. I guess it’s back to square one for me…

I headed off to Sweet Briar stuck in the doldrums, but I tried not to let the loss of the interview get to me. There would be other job opportunities, but this one sounded almost too perfect to pass up… Suzannah was in the library when I got there. She’d received a care package, a copy of J.K. Rowling’s new book… and her absentee ballot… I set my iTouch up to download a handful of songs that I really wanted back on my iPod since the WiFi back home was still giving me trouble, then I headed back down to the petites announces board to see if I could find any other promising job offers to replace the one that was pulled out from under me by someone whose visa doesn’t expire as soon as mine does. There were definitely a lot of offers that I’m qualified for, but I didn’t want to make note of most of them since they listed specific hours I knew I couldn’t commit to because I have classes during the times that needed someone. Let’s be real for a moment, if you’ve got a kid, and you’re looking for a baby-sitter for every weekday from 4:30-6:30, and someone emails you and says “hi, I’m a wonderful candidate, but I can only do Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays because I have class” are you really going to consider them for the position when you know you have to find a second baby-sitter for those two other days? I did find one position that was pretty vague. Someone wants an English tutor for two kids (no note of the genders, one is 14, one is 17), and they want the tutor to visit an hour per week. This seems like they’ll flex to fit my schedule… I made a note of it, and I’ll send them an email in the next couple days. Let’s hope they haven’t filled the position yet… I headed back up to the library after grabbing a cup of hot cocoa from the vending machine. Suzannah went off to class, so I played some games on my iTouch as I waited for my music to download. Once I was sufficiently pleased with the amount of music on my iTouch and ready to head back home, I heard an rather unsettling noise… rain on the windowsvie de merde. This was clearly France’s way of telling me that I was supposed to go get that other cup of hot cocoa from the vending machine that I was contemplating, download another “letter’s worth” of artists from iCloud, and wait to see if the rain let up. France is always right, so I did what it told me to do. After my music was done downloading, and that hot cocoa was in my stomach, I headed out, and the rain had stopped! Who knew?

The rain came back when I was all of 50 meters away from my front door, as I was stuffing my umbrella back into my purse, so I ran to the door to get inside. Listening to Sexion d’Assaut the whole way home was a good choice. I’ve only downloaded all of three songs so far (thank goodness they’re in the American iTunes store), but they’re really good. I know Kyle and Joan have bought tickets to see them in October for about 39 euro… I may join them. I’d like to see one concert while I’m here. It’s either these guys, or Jason Mraz in November. Maybe both if I can get a job. If I have to pick… I think I’m leaning more toward Sexion d’Assaut because… well, they’re French. I can see Jason Mraz at home. I definitely like how diverse the group is, and how they’ll rap about all sorts of different things. They have a song about moms for crying out loud, and it’s a single! What rappers in America do that?!

Take a look at “Ma Direction” and “Désolé” too, they’re great. I finally found a site to watch my shows on, so I started watching Glee before dinner. I’m probably going to go crazy watching all of my “stories” on random sites, but it’s what I have to do… damn you, American sites… why can’t you work in Europe?! Hulu at least has a contract with Japan! Dinner was delicious. Madame made a delicious vegetable soup for entrée, which Sheila was initially leery about since she doesn’t really like soup from Honduras. She liked this soup! I loved the fact that it was nice and sweet, but not too sweet. I could have had a whole meal of just that soup… the fact that it was so cold today made it even that much more comforting. There was some left over, so I might have a little cup of it for a snack tomorrow after class. We had salad, rice, and saumon en papillote for plat principal. Always delicious! Now that Joan’s living with her real host mom, I’m the one that finishes last. For whatever reason, my piece of salmon was the biggest, which kind of added insult to injury… When I made a comment about it, Madame laughed and said it wasn’t so much that I was a slow eater, she and Sheila just eat fast. Madame asked us about how we decided to study abroad, and how we picked Sweet Briar exactly, so that was fun. She started talking about differences between how languages are spoken, and did a really hilarious impression of how guttural German is, I about choked on my fish…

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the “special” post I published now that I’ve surpassed 4000 page views, Top Ten: Differences Between France and America THAT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT. Tomorrow’s a big day. I have to register for my classes! I’m supposed to meet Mme. Hervier (I think, I got an email that said it’s going to be Mme. Grée) outside of normal Paris III at 10 AM tomorrow to complete my registration. I hope everything goes well… After that, I’ll head back to Sweet Briar (more than likely missing most if not all of my Theatre class) to catch my Atelier d’Écriture class in the afternoon. I’m so tired… I don’t know if I can handle a night out tomorrow, especially since the weather’s been so crummy lately. I really want to go somewhere I can dance this weekend, though… I better finish reading L’École des femmes tonight, even if I don’t necessarily have to discuss it in class tomorrow (since I’m probably going to be missing most if not all of class), I don’t want to take any chances.

Ta mère est une fleur rare que tu abreuves par ton amour
L’en priver c’est la tuer donc n’abrège pas son compte à rebours 
-Sexion D’Assaut (Maska) “Avant Qu’elle Parte

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