I had to get up a couple times last night to use the facilities (damn that delicious punch), and being the incredibly paranoid person that I am, I kept going out into the living room and out onto the balcony to give everything a once over to see if anything was out of place. Sheila and I got up to eat breakfast around 11, and Madame still wasn’t home. I gave the living room and the balcony another once over, and everything seemed fine to me, but this isn’t saying much since I don’t ever hang out in either area. Both areas appeared to be clean by daylight, at least. Sheila needed to meet up with Kyle to go check out a big auto show that was going on, so I was left alone to await what I felt was my impending doom. Suzannah saved me and invited me to go catch a movie with her in a couple hours, so I got myself ready and headed out the door before Madame ever arrived.

By the time Suzannah and I got to the theatre over by her metro stop, and we decided to see Rebelle (the French version of Brave) since we were both feeling like seeing something animated, we had a little over an hour to kill before the movie was going to start… and I hadn’t eaten yet. It was around 2:15 by this time, which is a bit of a late lunch, but it works. There was a McDo, a KFC, and a Starbucks nearby, but we had more than enough time for real food… and then I saw it. A Leon de Bruxelles. For a sit-down restaurant in Paris and a serving of moules avec frites… 15, 50 euro is cheap. That was the cheapest offering they had for muscles (moules marinière), so I had it. It was delicious!

It took up just enough time for Suzannah and I to make it to the movie on time, and it was just as good in French as it was in English. I was able to understand it all, and I’m pretty sure I would have been able to do the same if I hadn’t seen the movie before, but I think we made a good decision seeing a movie that was 1) a children’s movie, so there weren’t going to be any difficult words, and 2) a movie we’d both already seen in our native languages.

I headed home after the movie was over, and Suzannah and I joked that we had a wonderful girl date, and we should do this again some time, even though we didn’t kiss goodbye, though we probably should have “bised” as we called it (meaning “given each other bisous”). The door was locked when I got home, which meant that I was the only one home again, and I’d escaped the house to try to avoid being the only one home to deal with Madame’s wrath (should there be any) all by myself, but I was back in the same situation. I tried to calm myself down as time ticked by, and then I heard the door open… Sheila was home. I wasn’t alone anymore, but she was going to take a nap, so I might as well be alone… Then the door opened again about an hour later… and I could hear Madame going through the living room and the balcony looking to see if we’d been in the area. I kept watching Modern Family trying to act like nothing was wrong, then she came up to my room, and didn’t ask how my weekend was, but what I did last night. So I started with dinner, and said that we went to Chipotle, and then we tried going to a 3D exposition about the history of Paris that Joan was supposed to go to for class, but there were a lot of people there, so we weren’t there for long, and then we tried going to the Latin Quarter to the pub that we liked… “Did you have people over last night?” Well, the cat’s out of the bag. “Oui…” There wasn’t any point in lying, so I answered every question she asked. The only thing she was actually upset about was that we didn’t warn her ahead of time, and the fact that there were five people over not including us. She didn’t ask about drinking anything, just how long we were here, and how it happened. I told a little white lie and said that our group of friends wanted to stop by and we couldn’t talk them out of it. She figured out that we’d been on the balcony because there was a single candy wrapper that had been left behind. How that had slipped through my inspections, I have no idea… When Sheila got up from her nap, I told her what Madame had told me. We learned a little more over dinner (which was pasta, and the usual two types of ham)… Madame had an American student a while back that threw a big party when she wasn’t home, and things got broken. That’s why she doesn’t like the parties. She’s okay if we have no more than four Sweet Briar friends over so long as she’s home, and we warn her, even if it really is for a party, we just shouldn’t be doing anything when she’s not home. Lesson learned.

Tomorrow’s a huge day for me. I have my first class at Paris III (the theatre games one), and I’m really nervous. Sheila and I are getting up around nine to have breakfast so we can go to Sweet Briar at noon so she can take care of some things, then I have class in the afternoon, then Sheila and I are going to see L’École des Femmes at Comédie française tomorrow night. It’s definitely going to be a big, jam-packed day…

Un sot savant est sot plus qu’un sot ignorant. Molière: Les Femmes Savants

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