A whole lot of nothing

Sheila and I got up around ten to have breakfast, then we watched Grey’s Anatomy, as we’ve grown accustomed to, but we’re definitely not happy about the fact that we have to wait two weeks for the next episode! We got dressed, and were ready for something  anything to happen by about noon. Kyle said he’d swing by our place and go to Carrefour with us to grab some lunch, so we went down to the corner around the time it usually takes him to walk from his place to ours… and waited… and waited… and waited some more. It turns out he got caught up talking to his host dad and a friend, but he made it eventually. When we were shopping around Carrefour for lunch things, I didn’t have much luck. All of the pre-made salads I found either didn’t look appetizing, or they actually had wheat in them in some way, shape, or form. Believe it or not, there was wheat dextrose in the ham that was in one salad! I didn’t buy anything, which was alright with me since I wasn’t very hungry at the time. We decided to go find a park nearby so that Sheila and Kyle could eat what they’d bought…

We remembered that there was a walkway that had benches and things near our building, so we went there. I read over my monologue from L’Avare while Kyle and Sheila ate their lunches. We talked a lot about theatre, and my monologue, namely the fact that I was worried about getting the barrage of questions in the first half of it in the correct order. Kyle decided to try to show me up, read over my monologue a couple times, and then “recited it.” “Okay, so help me set this up. I’ve got my chateau in the background, someone’s just stolen all my money… how do I feel right now? What’s my emotion?” “Distressed.” “‘Kay. I’m distressed… Au voleur! Au voleur! À l’assassin! Choses comme ça. There.” Sheila was able to get it up through the third line, so that was pretty impressive. After I read through it a few more times, I handed Kyle the book, and tried to recite the monologue. I did decently well for the first half, but had to call “line” or had to be corrected for just about every line of the second half. I was surprised that Sheila and Kyle weren’t getting frustrated with how poorly I was doing… they were very calm when they fed me lines. After I was done, Kyle gave me a “report.” “Well, good news and bad news…. Good news is… you got all of those questions in the right order. Bad news… self explanatory.” “I really don’t know the second half of it…” “You know the gist, you just need to work on the exact words.” I’m really glad I have friends like Sheila and Kyle around all the time. Neither of them are particularly big on theatre, but they’re both open enough to talk with me about it (or listen to me talk about it), and I’m really happy that they were willing to help me work on my monologue. Sheila said she’d help me run lines later on while we were home, and while we were all hanging out. I’m excited to get this monologue memorized, and maybe perform it in front of them a few times so they can help me work on blocking as well as getting the lines down perfectly before Monday. I realize that I’m going to be workshopping the piece in class, so it doesn’t have to be polished, but I really want to walk into that class, do this monologue, and show my classmates that I mean business.

We stayed out in the park area talking about all sorts of things, where we wanted to travel and when… things like that. I think I’m going to stay in France (if I do any traveling at all) just because I don’t have enough money to do any out-of-the-country traveling, as much as I might like to. I’ve heard that going to London is cheap, and we could stay with Stéphane since he’s got a flat with two extra rooms, but I’m not sure if I can make myself go… After a while, Sheila and I went back inside the house, and I watched the latest Glee episode, which got to me a little bit since it focused on long distance relationships a lot. I don’t think I realized how much I really missed my boyfriend until today… I tried to cheer myself up by watching some more Big Bang Theory, and that worked to a certain extent… maybe I’m just feeling a little down in the doldrums because I haven’t done all that much today. Sheila’s been feeling a little under the weather, and I wanted to rest because I’ve had such a busy, rough week. We’re doing Nuit Blanche tomorrow, so we needed to conserve some energy anyway…

Dinner was… interesting. We had hot dogs as meat and pasta with pesto sauce that I wasn’t really a fan of, then we had a salad and some cheese… Not my favorite dinner. Madame asked me if the new gluten-free bread she’d bought was better than the Carrefour brand bread, and I said it was. She’d found it in a store that was close to where she worked, and she said there was a whole bunch of stuff there, like cookies and cake mixes too! She said she’d give me the address so I could go check it out sometime soon.

We know we’re all going out to do Nuit Blanche tomorrow night/Sunday morning, so tomorrow’s post will come late, but we have no idea what we’re doing tomorrow afternoon. It should be interesting… I’m going to go to bed early tonight since I’m starting to feel a bit of a headache coming on…

Ils me regardent tous, et se mettent à rire. Molière: L’Avare

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