Douchebag the Explorer

Sheila and I had breakfast shortly after 10:45 today. We finished our breakfast at the usual time, but both of us were coughing a little, so we sat at the table a little longer and we each had a cup of honey lemon tea while we talked about… life. I had turned my phone off and plugged it in to charge last night, so when I went back into my room after breakfast, I found that Kyle was trying to get a hold of us any way possible (both Facebook messages and texts) because he was hungry and he wanted to meet up with us for lunch, then go catch Taken 2 at 2:05. Sheila and I needed to get ready, so I told him to do some homework while we got ready to leave. After a while, we met up with him over on our corner. Kyle wanted Chinese food for lunch, which I was not a fan of since we always go to the same Chinese place (not that it’s bad), and I’d just had it yesterday for lunch. We spent about half an hour walking around trying to find another place to eat, passing by a quick service crêperie that served galettes du blé noir (buckwheat crepes) that I could technically have, but there was a line, and I didn’t want to really be a bother by asking for clarification to make sure there was only buckwheat in the batter, nor did I want to risk giving myself a gluten-bomb this close to the Normandy trip, so we passed it up. We eventually turned around… and went to Carrefour to get something. Kyle was not too pleased with me, even to the point of pretending I didn’t exist (like “Sheila, did you hear something?” whenever I spoke). I bought a parmentier (the dish with meat on the bottom and mashed potatoes on top) that needed to be heated up in the microwave, so we ate outside our house after I ran upstairs to cook it and grab a disposable fork…

We only had about 15 minutes to make it to the movie theatre, so we booked it to the Porte Maillot (ligne 1) metro station… which is about a 10-15 minute walk from our house. The movie theatre we wanted to go to was only three stops away, but it was already 2:05 (the time the movie started) by the time we got onto the train. We found the theatre, and double-checked the time for the next show (4:10), then thought about buying tickets for that show. We decided against it, and figured we’d go exploring until 4:10 then come back and see it. Sheila and I wanted to go to Place de la Concorde like Madame had suggested, so that meant getting back on the metro. Kyle decided he wanted to go home to do some homework. Party pooper. Sheila and I were a little upset that he kind of ditched us, since he could have done the homework last night when all of us were fooling around online, or this morning when we were getting ready, but we understood that he wanted to get the work done before the Normandy trip. He was giving us puppy-dog faces on the opposite side of the platform (since we were going in different directions) until our respective trains came to try to show how sorry he was.

When Sheila and I came out of the Concorde metro, we noticed that we were right by Tuileries, so we went inside and walked around for a while. It was a little cold today, but it was still nice out, so it was definitely a good day to walk around the garden. There are lots of statues in the gardens, so I decided to really put my statue douchebaggery project into first gear. Statue douchebaggery is the act of taking a picture with a statue in the same pose that the statue is “doing,” as accurately as possible. Here are some of the pictures I took (or Sheila took of me being a statue douchebag) in the Jardin de Tuileries. The rest are all on my Flickr page.

Panorama mode!

The pose was needed…

Statue douchebaggery!
After we were done with the garden, we headed out to Place de la Concorde and took a look at the Obelisk. There was a man dressed in all gold who was apparently supposed to be Napoleon, so Sheila put a few coins in his little can and I took a couple pictures for her.
I couldn’t resist! Obelisk eclipse!

The Obelisk looks must better in sunlight.

Sheila takes photos like a boss.

Fountain at Place de la Concorde.
We walked across the street into a park to rest for a minute to figure out where L’Église Madeleine was, and we decided that would be easier to take the metro to get to the church since the Madeleine station was right by the church. We went inside and walked around so we could take pictures. You could buy some candles to light and say a prayer, and I thought about it, but we just wanted to do a quick walk through.

I kind of needed to use the restroom after we were done in the church, so we walked around trying to find one of the free restroom things… but we found something better! Ladurée! I had their famous chocolat chaud and a macaron (framboise), Sheila had their version of fruit cake. I never did use the restroom…
We headed home after all of that exploring, but I stopped by a tabac so that I could buy another réchargement for my phone since I got the text of death last night. I did some packing for tomorrow’s Normandy trip (we’re staying overnight and coming home Sunday night), and Madame came home a little late. We had sautéed potatoes, two kinds of ham, and a salad for dinner. We all ate pretty quickly.
Sheila and I have to get up at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning in order to make it to Sweet Briar by 7:45 tomorrow so that we don’t miss our bus to Normandy… Ugh…
L’amour est un tyran qui n’épargne personne. Corneille: Le Cid

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