Obvious Pickpockets

Sheila and I got up extraordinarily late to get a little revenge on our “favorite” day of the week. We usually have to get up around 6:30 on Wednesdays, so we quite happily slept in until… 11. After having a nice late breakfast, we headed over to Sweet Briar so Sheila could check in with Mme. Grée and see if something had come in the mail for Kyle. On the way there, I encountered a pickpocket who was clearly honing his craft, and was not doing very well at it. My “weekend” or “no class day” bag has a single zipper down the center of it that allows you to get at everything inside of it. Because I choose to carry everything but the kitchen sink, it’s big and puffy. This was not the first time someone has made a move for the zipper of this purse. The first time, I saw the man’s pinched fingers move toward the zipper in my peripheral vision as we were walking down a flight of stairs in the metro, and when I turned my head, he moved his hand away like nothing had happened. The numbskull I encountered today was not that smooth. I wasn’t on any stairs this time, he came up behind me, and I saw his pinched fingers make a move for my zipper, but it was the back of the zipper, not even the part where he could have opened my bag (rookie mistake), so I turned my head, and as soon as I did, he didn’t pull his hand away, but he pointed his fingers and put his hand up like he was… pointing at something. Had I not been so shocked, I could have grabbed this trouduc by the wrist and thrown him down in front of me to teach him a lesson and give him a piece of my mind, since that was how close his …pointing gesture was. Note to any pickpockets reading my blog right now: Stay away from me. You’ll be getting one hell of a beating, AND a tongue-lashing. It’ll be up to you to decide which one hurts LESS.

Sheila and I were supposed to meet up with Rouge and Joan in the Marais area to go to the Kilo shop at three, so Sheila and I headed over there early with the intention of finding somewhere to grab a late lunch. We had about 30 minutes to kill by the time we got to the Hôtel de Ville metro stop. We stopped by a small quick service food place, and Sheila had a crêpe and some coffee, I had a smoothie. There was a big sale going on, and a lot of shops that had window displays of clothing. I need to start getting ideas for the costume portion of my project for my Sweet Briar theatre class, and I’ve made the decision to set my show in modern day France, so I snapped some photos of the window displays, and I’m going to try to start doing that more often…

Once we met up with Joan and Rouge, we stopped by the Kilo Shop (69 rue de la Verrerie, 75004). It’s a pretty wonderful store! The idea is that you can choose whatever you want, and it’s all priced by weight. Everything (for the most part) costs 20 or 30 euros per kilo of merchandise (that depends on what color anti-theft tag is on the item). Some things are priced as marked, like extra-large scarves, some leather goods, or faux-fur goods. I found some bins of scarves that were two euro a piece, so I got three really nice silk scarves to bring home as gifts. Joan was hell bent on finding a costume to go to a club for a Halloween party tonight that the four of us were supposed to go to together, so we headed over to the creepy Paris III/VII area of town since there was a specific shop by the metro there she wanted to visit. It didn’t have anything she wanted. We made plans to meet up later tonight, but Sheila and I weren’t so sure we’d be able to go since we’d have to wait until after dinner to leave, which would be around nine, we’d be at the rendezvous point at 10, there would be pre-gaming involved, we wouldn’t get to the club until 11 or later, and we’d have to leave shortly after midnight to make it home on the metro (since the last trains run at 12:45/00:45). We decided we’d go out with them if we had dinner early for whatever reason, which randomly happens.
Dinner was at the normal time, and it was pretty good. We had chicken with a cream sauce, potatoes, a salad, and some comté cheese. Tomorrow is Toussaint (All Saint’s Day), so most people have the day off. According to Madame, there are still plenty of things we can do since the more “touristy” areas of Paris will be open. Sheila and I aren’t sure what we’ll do tomorrow, but we’ll definitely get out of the house. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but we’ll have to manage.
Qui pardonne aisément invite à l’offenser. Corneille: Cinna

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