After going to bed close to two last night… getting up wasn’t something I wanted to do. I ended up getting out of bed around 11 to take a shower, and Sheila and I had breakfast after that. I was a little sore from all of the walking I’d done at EuroDisney, so I made up my mind to do yoga for an hour or so today to see if that would help get some of the kinks out of my system…

I didn’t want to try to fight with YouTube and the internet connection here to find yoga videos like I do with my usual Zumba routine (I’m no choreographer, so randomly dancing around doesn’t work for me), so I spent some time making a playlist to listen to while I did yoga so I could tell how quickly time was passing. I stopped adding songs to it once it was just under an hour long, then I moved them around so I felt like it flowed together properly for a “routine,” and I put it to use. It was certainly relaxing… I was a little sore after I’d finished it, and I’ll probably be sore tomorrow, but it’s good for me. I need to join a yoga club or studio or something when I get back to my college in California. This is habit I really need to keep up…

The Playlist:
1. Call Them Brothers -Regina Spektor feat. Only Son
2. Skinny Love -Bon Iver
3. 9 Crimes -Damien Rice
4. Cicatrices -Pauline Croze
5. The A Team -Ed Sheeran
6. Fuzzy Blue Lights -Owl City
7. City -Sara Bareilles
8. Choux Pastry Heart -Corinne Bailey Rae
9. Wait It Out -Imogen Heap
10. Details in the Fabric -Jason Mraz feat. James Morrison
11. Leave My Body -Florence + The Machine
12. Use Somebody -Kings of Leon (covered by Shelly Bort)
13. The Scientist -Coldplay
14. Hazy -Rosi Golan feat. William Fitzsimmons

After I was done with my routine, Sheila mentioned that she was hungry, so we both got dressed enough to run out to Carrefour and get lunch, then come home. I’m pretty sure this is the first day I’ve left the house without putting makeup on since I’ve been in France (hardly, I used a little eyeliner). It was liberating to say the least. My skin probably needed the break. Sheila and I both bought packaged risottos for the microwave for lunch, and brought them back home. I managed to finish the giant Disney post for yesterday and get that up, then another writing-related task had to steal most of my attention…

At my college, students that are abroad register a week earlier than everyone else. Sheila was working on getting her registration taken care of, which was a painful reminder that I can’t complete my registration. I have a hold on my account from our business office because I owe them money, and that hold won’t be removed until I pay off that balance. This wouldn’t be a problem if the balance was a hundred dollars, but the balance is the price of a kidney once you deduct the hospital fees. Worse, my kidneys are worthless on the black market because of my clotting disorder. My big sister gave me an idea to somehow “get around” my situation for the time being since a friend of ours had a similar problem a couple years ago: email all of your professors and tell them that you have a hiccup in your registration process, warn them that you’ll be asking them to sign you into their classes once the hold is removed, and ask if that’ll be okay with them if their class is already full. The better part of my afternoon was spent writing those emails… one professor got back to me within half an hour of my sending his email and he said my name was at the top of his “add” list, which guarantees me a spot in his class. One class down, five more to worry about…

Madame roasted a chicken for dinner tonight, and we had broiled potatoes and steamed green beans along with it. Madame asked more questions about Disney and our long weekend, and then she started asking about the elections since they happen tomorrow. I think I’ve finally mastered the art of how French people manage to talk at dinner and still eat so quickly (myth: French people eat slowly, they really don’t, they just stay at the table for a long time). They don’t look away from their plates to talk, nor do they still continue to talk with their hands (or should I say knife and fork) while they talk. They don’t talk with food in their mouths, but they’re still cutting things up and getting them mouth-ready while they talk. That’s the trick. Madame always asks what we do during the day, where we got lunch, things like that. She usually doesn’t like to hear that we spent the whole day at home, so I’ve finally started to get used to telling her little white lies. We told her that we had risotto for lunch, but we told her we got it from Monoprix by Sweet Briar since we went there today to do some homework. Hmm. What do you know? My nose is still the same size it was this morning…

Tomorrow, Sheila and I are going to see Dom Juan at Comédie Française after our classes. This means I have to read the whole play tonight… Oh boy…

Fuyez un ennemi qui sait votre défaut. Corneille: Polyeucte

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