Poser un Lapin

I got up at 8:30 to get ready so Kyle could come over whenever Madame left the house, which was at 9 AM. I had my breakfast in my room as I started working on some of my scenic design project (mainly just drawing the basic floor plan so I could make copies of it at Sweet Briar on Tuesday), and I sat by my computer waiting for Kyle to shoot me a message on Facebook to let me know he was on his way… 9:30 goes by… 10 goes by… 10:30 goes by… no message. Sheila got up and came into my room. “So… you owe me candy?” Sheila was certain that Kyle was going to bail on the homework party plan, but I had given him the benefit of the doubt, so we bet on it. If Kyle came, Sheila would have to buy me candy. If the inverse happened… which it did… I had to buy her candy… I wasn’t going to be thwarted in my efforts to have my homework party, so Sheila and I invited Rouge over instead…

Rouge came over pretty quickly after I’d invited her. We all went to Carrefour to get lunch and snacks for our trip to Reims tomorrow since we’ll be having a late lunch. Sheila had me buy her a pack of Snickers bars for our deal. She gave Rouge and I one of the bars from the pack each when we got home. I saved my bar for tomorrow’s excursion.

Overall, the homework party was a success, even though Kyle decided to stand me up (or poser un lapin as we say in French). Sheila’s well ahead of herself, so she opted to relax for the day since she’s on the tail-end of her cold. Rouge got a lot of one of her final papers written, and said that today was arguably one of the most productive days she’s had since she’s been in France. I got three of my costume designs done, and I got the basic sketches for my floor plan, my back wall, and my frontal perspective of my set (though I’m absolutely certain I’m doing the last one wrong and completely out of scale since I’ve never done one before) completed.

Rouge left around six, Madame came home around seven. Dinner smelled really good, but we weren’t entirely sure what Madame was making. It smelled a little bit like raclette, but we didn’t want to get our hopes up. Madame had made galettes du sarrasin again, but it wasn’t the usual recipe, much to my delight. She’d stuffed these with egg, comté cheese, lardons (cured ham similar to bacon) and mushrooms. We had a salad made with avocado and tomato on the side. We ate quickly and relatively quietly, and without being called vacuums tonight.

Off to bed early for me tonight, I’ve got to get up pretty early to get a move on for tomorrow’s excursion.

Tu m’as donné ta boue et j’en ai fait de l’or. Baudelaire: Les Fleurs du Mal

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