Got dared to write blog using only sentence fragments. Sorry in advance.

Up at 10. Did laundry. Ate breakfast with Sheila. Had trouble finding clothes to wear since most clothes were in laundry. Had to make choice between being very cold or very unfashionable today. Chose to be very cold. Am officially a Parisian.

Went to class. Prof asked me if felt better. Said yes. Didn’t want to do Harpagon monologue today. Didn’t have to. Rachel did her monologue. She did well. Another kid did a song as a monologue. Reminded me of high school. Prof did more cold readings. Didn’t have to do one. Success kid. Out of class 10 minutes early. Success kid again. Got right onto metro as it arrived. Success kid encore.

Got home. Took shower. Madame made dinner. Steak. Potatoes and crême fraiche. Zucchini. Delicious. Did some homework. Skyped boyfriend. Skyped Rouge.

Farewell dinner for Sweet Briar tomorrow. Need to do a lot more homework.

Going home in 11 days. Home in 12. Excited…?

Shortest blog ever.

Et à quoi bon exécuter des projets, puisque le projet est en lui-même une jouissance suffisante? -Baudelaire. “Les Projets”

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